Robin Hood Pay-As-You-Go Prices

The following fares will be applied to your trips made on a given day using your Robin Hood Pay-as-you-go card:

Journey fares now 26.03 fares
Single trip on any Nottingham Community Transport Locallink £1.00 £1.00
Single trip on NET trams, including  Park and Ride £1.70 £1.80
Single trip on NCT, Trentbarton, Kinch  £1.70 £1.90
Unlimited trips* on Nottingham Community Transport link buses including Park & Ride £3.15 £2.50
Unlimited trips* on Nottingham City Transport   £3.15 £3.50
Unlimited trips* on NET trams including Park and Ride £3.15 £3.50
Unlimited trips* on either Trentbarton or Kinch £3.50 £3.70
Unlimited trips* on more than one operator £4.00 £4.30

* unlimited trips refer to one calendar day
** trentbarton 'night buses' excluded. Travel is subject to the terms and conditions of each operator and of the scheme itself.

Terms and conditions for the Robin Hood network