To help with engagement of classes and groups, we have started to create some downloadable resources. Ice breakers, quizes etc all with an integrated transport theme. Please feel free to download, print and use, let us know how you get on or any comments you feel might be useful to improve our resources for the future.

  • TravelSafe Quiz - A good quiz to get people talking and asking more questions. The answers to the quiz are on the second page, so not a problem if you don't know the answers at first.
  • TravelSafe word search - TravelSafe word search answers A good ice breaker, getting fun into transport, easy and more difficult words to find, download the answers if there's one or two that you can't find.
  • Who's the stranger a range of photos, both men and women, glasses, beards, log hair short hair etc, but all are strangers. This is a good way to start the conversation about 'who is a stranger'. If asked, most groups would pick out one of the photos as a stranger, but of course all are strangers!

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