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Season Cards

Robin Hood Season is a multi-operator card that gives unlimited travel on any bus, tram or train within Greater Nottingham, offering maximum flexibility for your travel around the city.

Pay As You Go Cards

Robin Hood PAYG is a multi-operator card that acts as an electronic purse - deducting travel as you use it. There’s no need for cash or tickets, the card does the hard work for you - capping at the best price for the day.

Flexible Days

Robin Hood Flexible Days is a multi-operator bus and tram card that allows you to buy multiple all-day travel passes to use across Greater Nottingham when you need them.

On the Bus/Tram Tickets

A Robin Hood day ticket is available to buy on the bus and from tram stop ticket machines, offering unlimited use on the following operators within Greater Nottingham.

Register your Card

Register your card so you can manage your account – you can top up with products and add more cards to your account. If you do not register your card, your travel or PAYG balance will not be protected.

Robin Hood Ticketing App

With the Robin Hood Ticketing app, you can now top up wherever you are! Find out more about the app, including answers to frequently asked questions, here.


Free travel is available on the Robin Hood Network in line with the English National Concessionary Scheme for older people and people with a disability.



Travel Centre
The Travel Centre can be found in the Nottingham Tourism and Travel Centre, Smithy Row (behind the Left Lion).

9.30am – 5.15pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (except bank holidays)

10am – 5.15pm