Flexible Days

There are three Robin Hood cards to choose from: Pay As You Go (PAYG) for occasional travellers, Season for regular travellers, or Flexible Days for flexible travellers.

Robin Hood Flexible Days is a multi-operator card that gives unlimited travel on any bus or tram within Greater Nottingham – just purchase 20 or 50 all-day travel passes and use them when it’s convenient for you!

Robin Hood Flexible Days can be used on:

  • Nottingham City Transport
  • trentbarton (except skylink express, red arrow or trentbarton night buses)
  • Kinchbus
  • NET tram
  • Linkbuses / CT4N
  • Stagecoach (Pronto, Sherwood Arrow and 141)
  • NottsBus Connect

The Robin Hood Flexible Days card is available in lengths of 20 days or 50 days. This means that you can access 20 or 50 individual all-day travel passes, to use when you need it. The individual day passes are activated on first use.

Length  Cost  Cost per day
20 days   £100.00   £5.00
50 days   £220.00   £4.40


Please note: there are no Student, 19-21 or Under 19 variants, the price above is applied to every purchase. No refunds are available.
Your Robin Hood Flexible Days card can be purchased at our Travel Centre or via the website. Once you have your Flexible Days card, you can then top-up with an additional 20/50 days via the mobile app or online. If you top-up online, the travel passes can then be collected from any of our handy on-street ticketing machines (including the tram ticket machines) or via the Robin Hood ticketing app.
After purchasing the initial 20 days or 50 days, the passes can be topped up, with the cards holding a maximum of 60 all-day travel passes. Please note that if a top-up purchase exceeds the 60 days limit, the additional days will not be added to the card and you will not be charged for this. A top-up will only be available if your card is below the 60 all-day travel passes limit (i.e. your Flexible Days travel card has 40 or fewer all-day travel passes).
The Flexible Days card was initially introduced as a two-year pilot scheme, which commenced on 4 July 2022. However, due to the change in people’s travel habits since the launch, this has been extended for the foreseeable future. The scheme will no longer expire on 3 July 2024, and all travel passes purchased will be honoured.



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