Robin Hood Ticketing App

With the Robin Hood Ticketing app, you can now top up wherever you are!

You can:

  • Buy Season products and Pay As You Go (PAYG) top ups and load the products onto your card from your phone
  • Log into your account and check your card balance
  • Download any actions onto your Robin Hood card. For example, actions that have been processed by customer services or bought online

For a contact-free way to pay, download the app on Google Play or the App Store today, or search ‘Robin Hood Ticketing.’

Mobile App Update

There have been several updates to the Robin Hood Ticketing app in recent months, and from Thursday 17 November the latest version of the app is 1.78. The latest version has incorporated updated functionality mandated by The Payment Card Industry and UK banks, which means that only Google Pay or Apple Pay are available for payments. Versions below 1.77 are no longer supported. To ensure that you can still use the Robin Hood Ticketing app, please update to the latest version.

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Need to buy a Robin Hood Card?

Robin Hood Cards are available in season or PAYG at adult, student and under 19 prices. They can now be purchased online here. Adult PAYG cards are also available at tram ticket machines.

Robin Hood Ticketing app – FAQs

Which cards can I register with the app?

Both Robin Hood Season and Pay As You Go (PAYG) cards can be registered.

Please note: NET only season cards cannot be registered on the app.

If I have several Robin Hood Cards, how do I add them all?

If you haven’t yet registered your Robin Hood Card online, you can follow the link through the app to the web browser, or visit the webpage here.

You can register multiple products through your web account, and you will then be able to check balances, top up and renew all registered cards on the app.

Will my phone be able to run the app?

Any phone operating on Android version 4 or above, or iOS 10.1 or higher, should be able to operate the app.

To use the app you will need to have Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled on your phone. This is now standard on most smartphones. Your NFC aerial may be on the front or back of your phone, you’ll need to work out where this is if you don’t know, so you can hold your card in the correct place to collect your top ups.

In addition, you’ll need to have a payment card registered with your Google Pay or Apple Pay accounts. There are other permissions needed to ensure the app works correctly but all are necessary for the app to function. We do not keep any of your location data or payment details.

How does payment work?

The app uses the payment card associated with your Google Pay or Apple Pay account. This means you don’t have to enter your card details every time you make a transaction, and we don’t have to store your details unnecessarily.

How do I collect my top up or product?

Once you’ve made your payment, you will need to collect your top up or product. To do this, you need to go to the ‘Collect’ screen in the app, ensure NFC is enabled on your phone, and then hold your card to the phone to download your top up or product to the Robin Hood Card. You will need to work out where the NFC aerial is on your phone – for Apple devices it is usually on the front screen, and for Android devices it is usually on the rear. You will probably receive feedback from your phone when you find the aerial with a card – usually a short vibration.

You need to keep the card on the phone until the download is complete. This may take a second or two. The length of time it takes to download can be influenced by things like your phone, data, WiFi connection etc. However, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds at most. You will get a ‘success’ message when your download has completed.

Why can I only top up by set amounts?

The top up options are the same as those currently available on-street and are based on the most popular options with our customers.

I’m having trouble registering my season card?

Make sure the email address matches the address you signed up with and your name is exactly as printed on the card.

I have a Robin Hood Card, but I don’t have an online account

You can register your card online here. Your card or cards will then be visible when you sign in to the app.

I have a Robin Hood Card and an online account

You will be able to sign into the app and top up your card.

I don’t currently have a Robin Hood Card

Robin Hood Cards are available in Season or PAYG at adult, student and under 19 prices. You can now purchase Season and PAYG cards online here.

Adult PAYG cards are also available through tram ticket machines.

When you’ve purchased your card, register online or add it to your existing account (if you have one) to use the app.

I pay for my Robin Hood Card by Direct Debit – can I use the app?

You can use the app and will be able to see your product and its expiry date, the same as you would at a tram ticket machine. You won’t be able to renew your direct debit product using the app.

If you have a question about the app that is not answered above, please contact

Please send any other Robin Hood Card enquiries to



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