Paying for your journey with cash?

Don't worry if you feel smartcards are not for you. Buying a cash ticket is still an option from the bus driver or the tram ticket machine on the platform.
A Robin Hood all day ticket for adults is £5.00 and for Under 19's its £3.00. On the 31st of March 2019 this pricing will change to £5.10 for adults and £3.10 fo U19's. If you just want a single trip then let the driver know where you want to go and they will issue you the right ticket.

It's cheaper to use PAYG than to pay by cash. Your fare is discounted if you travel with PAYG, even if you only travel one way! To find out how to get your first PAYG card from the on-street ticket machine see our PAYG page

Paper ticket

Robin Hood Card - Fares Calculator

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