Robin Hood Pay-As-You-Go Prices

The following fares will be applied to your trips made on a given day using your Robin Hood Pay-as-you-go card: 

Journey Adult Under 19
Single trip on any Linkbus, including bus Park and Ride: medilink, centrelink and ecolink £1.00 £0.80
Single trip on NET trams, including tram Park and Ride £1.80 £0.95
Single trip on NCT £1.90 £1.00
Single trip on Trentbarton £1.90 £0.95
Single trip on Kinch £1.90 £1.10
Unlimited trips* on Nottingham Community Transport link buses including Park & Ride £2.50 £2.50
Unlimited trips* on Nottingham City Transport   £3.50 £2.50
Unlimited trips* on NET trams including Park and Ride £3.50 £2.20
Unlimited trips* on Trentbarton £4.00 £2.60
Unlimited trips* on Kinch £4.00 £2.70
Unlimited trips* on more than one operator £4.40 £2.80

* unlimited trips refer to one calendar day
** trentbarton 'night buses' excluded. Travel is subject to the terms and conditions of each operator and of the scheme itself.
Please Note - Short hop and other operator promotional fares are not included in the PAYG scheme
U19 - When you turn 19 your U19 card will no longer be accepted and you will need to change to an alternative product. U19 PAYG cards can be returned and the balance transfered to an adult PAYG card at no extra cost.

View a fares comparison chart for all operators here

U19 Academic year options are available, please see our Scholars, Schools and College page for more information

Terms and conditions for the Robin Hood network