Who manages the realtime information?

Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council own and maintain the current 1,500+ electronic displays. Nottingham City Council managing the electronic systems for the bus stop displays on behalf of our local bus operators and Local Authority partners in Nottinghamshire, Derby, Derbyshire and at East Midlands Airport. Nottingham City Council also manage the displays scrolling messages, shown underneath the bus departures. This valuable tool enables customers to receive information on delays and disruptions to service and also key messages about their services.

Accessing the information

The majority of bus services in Nottingham are able to provide realtime information on bus stop displays, mobile phone apps and websites. You can access realtime information:

  • At the bus stop - We have installed over 1,500 electronic displays throughout the Robin Hood Network area which count down bus arrival times in minutes on real time enabled routes e.g. 10 to Ruddington 6mins. Useful scheduled times are displayed for non-real time routes e.g. 90 to Newark 11:16
  • By mobile phone - Download our realtime app for all buses and trams in Nottingham. A-B journey planning, times from my stop, timetables and much more! Search robin hood network on Apple app store or Google play store for Android phones. 
  • On the internet See the journey planner page for our A-B journey planner. Enter your start and finish locations into the boxes to find out what services are nearby and the times from those stops. Realtime information will show for your departures, but If realtime information is not yet available for your route the scheduled times will be shown.
  • Bus station, Train station or key locations - Victoria Bus Station has large multi-line displays, plus individual bay displays showing departure times of the next bus services. New electronic "totem" units have also been installed at the bus station and train station showing a departure board for next buses, below the departure board is a large screen displaying route maps, city centre maps, ticketing information and service disruption. Interactive software is also to be installed on the totems which will allow users to access journey planning, operator, ticketing and other related travel information websites.

The future

There are plans to install more realtime information displays between 2017 and 2018 under a rolling installation programme. A list of real time displays that have been installed since April 2017