Are you under 22? Unlock savings for your bus and tram travel with the 19-21 Season or Pay As You Go card.


Robin Hood Ticketing App

With the Robin Hood Ticketing app, you can now top up wherever you are!

What can I do on the Robin Hood Ticketing app?
  • Top-up your Season, Pay-As-You-Go or Flexible Days card
  • Load your top-ups that you’ve purchased online or on the app onto your card
  • Log into your account and check your card balance
Download now on iOS and Android


What cards can I register with the app?

If I have several Robin Hood Cards, how do I add them all?

How do payments work?

How do I collect my top up or product?

Why can I only top up by set amounts?

I’m having trouble registering my season card?

I have a Robin Hood card, but I don’t have an online account.

I have a Robin Hood card and an online account.

I don’t currently have a Robin Hood card.

I pay for my Robin Hood card by Direct Debit – can I use the app?

Any other questions?

Need some support?

If you need any further help, you can email us on Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0115 876 1300.

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