Are you under 22? Unlock savings for your bus and tram travel with the 19-21 Season or Pay As You Go card.

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Travel on the bus, tram and train across the Robin Hood Network in Nottingham with the Robin Hood card.

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Season Cards

Are you a regular traveller? Get a multi-operator card for use on most buses, trams and trains in Nottingham.


Pay As You Go Cards

Are you an occasional traveller on the buses and tram? There’s no need for cash with the Pay As You Go card.


Flexible Days Cards

Are you a flexible traveller? Purchase multiple all-day travel passes and use them when it’s convenient for you.

Robin Hood Boundary Area

The Robin Hood card is valid within the Greater Nottingham (Robin Hood Network) area, on most services within the boundary points shown. It can be used across the full tram network.

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Plan your journey

Plan ahead and look at where you need to go across our network before you set off. Visit our Plan Your Journey page to input your ‘from’ and ‘to’ destinations, before clicking ‘more options’ to access Google’s Travel Planner.

Download a travel map

Core Network Map

A map of the most frequent public transport services in the Robin Hood area, including buses, trams and trains.

Robin Hood Boundary Map

A map showing the Robin Hood boundaries on bus and tram routes.

Bus and Tram Map

A detailed map showing all public transport services in the Robin Hood area, including buses, trams and trains.

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