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Current refund rules are suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak, please see the latest refund rules here

Robin Hood Season cards:

Refunds are available on Robin Hood Season products that have a minimum of 1 month or more remaining.

Refunds will be given on any remaining travel however, 10% of the remaining value, plus a £10 administration fee will be deducted.

A refund can only be obtained from the Victoria  Bus Station Travel Centre and your Robin Hood card must be handed in at the same time.

Refunds will be issued via the same payment method as the card was purchased; if purchased by debit/credit card, the amount will need to be refunded to the same card. If you no longer have your original receipt, then please bring a bank statement as proof of purchase and a valid form of ID.

There are no refunds on Robin Hood Direct Debit products

Robin Hood Pay As You Go

Refunds are available from the Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre only.

For non-photo Robin Hood Pay As You Go refunds, you must present a valid form of ID in order to obtain a refund.

Your Pay As You Go card must be registered to yourself and handed in at the travel centre at the time of refund. The remaining value will be refunded to you minus a £3 administration fee.

Direct Debit

Refunds are not available on Direct Debit renewals. To cancel your DD please notify us in person at the Travel Centre in the Victoria Bus Station or email us - [email protected]. We require a notice period of 10 working days prior to the next DD collection date. We also advise you to cancel the DD at your bank once you have informed us of your request.

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